Robert Williams

Happy Birthday Robert William Holley..!!

Do you know that today is the birthday of the famous scientist Robert William Holley …?? Robert William Holley was an American biochemist. He shared the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1968 (with Har Gobind Khorana and Marshall Warren Nirenberg) for describing the structure of alanine transfer RNA, linking DNA and protein synthesis.Holley’s research on RNA focused first on isolating transfer RNA (tRNA), and later on Read more about Happy Birthday Robert William Holley..!![…]

Hyper Conjugation

 When sigma electrons are in conjugation with pi- bond then this conjugation is known to be ‘Hyper conjugation’. Generally used to compare stability. Required Conditions: Compound should have at least one sp2 hybridized carbon atom of alkene or alkyl carbocation or alkyl free radical. Alpha carbon with respect to sp2 hybrid carbon must be sp3 and it should have Read more about Hyper Conjugation[…]

Distribution of current in parallel connection

Distribution of current and voltage in parallel and series

Here is a brief explanation to know about the distribution of current and voltage in series and parallel connections. Distribution of current in parallel connection: When all the devices are connected using parallel connections, the circuit is referred to as a parallel circuit. In a parallel circuit, each device is placed in its own separate branch. The presence Read more about Distribution of current and voltage in parallel and series[…]

Two Masses in Contact

Constraint Relations

In classical mechanics, a constraint is a relation between coordinates and momenta (and possibly higher derivatives of the coordinates). In other words, a constraint is a restriction on the freedom of movement of a system of particles. The only difference between a constraint equation and eg a conservation equation is that a conservation equation is physics, but Read more about Constraint Relations[…]