Strategy for the last three months….!!

Are you wondering as the peak time January has approached and is about to end, yet there is a lot left to prepare all the subjects for IIT-JEE…!!

Well, to resolve and guide you better in such a situation, we bring you a few things that can help you too….

As the examination date is approaching near, the number of hours of study has even been increased to 16-17 hours a day by many of the students. But, to stay competent, it is not only enough to study a lot and work too hard. Rather, a smart work is advised at this time.

The first step to a smart preparation process is to make your fundamentals strong. You might be having a strong conceptual foundation by now to solve good questions and may even have the skill to solve many calculations. Due to the unpredictable pattern and  questions of the examination, it is better that all types of questions like objective, subjective, assertions-reason, multiple matching etc are practiced well. In mathematics, the questions might involve more than one concept. So, one has to be comfortable with the combination of several concepts in a single question. For example, Permutations and combinations and probability always can be mingled together. With these two topics, many questions can be made.

Cover the topics which helps you to score well: The topics which score well can help you the best when conquered them first. The concepts of vector and scalar triple products are very important and scoring in Vector Algebra. In Conic sections, the formulae are very important. The complete knowledge about the fundamental properties regarding the nature of roots in Quadratic Equations is quite helpful. One of the most scoring topics of JEE mathematics is Progressions and Series. Differential and Integral Calculus’ are also very important. ‘Geometric interpretation of the derivative’ is one of the most crucial topics and hence should be focussed upon really well. Only the important topics have been listed here, but one should not limit his/her preparation to these topics only. It is better that the entire syllabus is revised before the exam to boost you up.

In physics, as per the general trend, Mechanics and Electricity and Magnetism are the topics carrying highest marks while both are equally important…!! Other topics which should be focused are ThermodynamicsWavesModern PhysicsOpticsFluid Mechanics etc are also important. Even though the topic Measurement and Errors is often neglected but quite a few questions are asked from this topic as well.

Start your preparation in a smart way: Solving previous years question papers helps you in a very good way. Practice and solving various mock tests makes you prepare to face the main examination hours. Adjust your sleeping hours to be more efficient during the examination hours. It’s the time now to change your old habits.

Revise and go through all the important points which you might have noted long before. Test your concepts and learn any special tricks if involved. Last but not the least, be confident, calm and relaxed to give your best.