Uniform & Non – Uniform Motion

Uniform & Non – Uniform Motion

If we observe our motion from one place to some other place, we can visualize that we are not moving with a constant velocity all the time. Sometimes we are moving at a higher velocity, while at other times like in crowded places the velocity will be less. But we can always define an average velocity for the motion. Based on this we can say the motion to be uniform or non – uniform.

Uniform Motion: If the body covers equal distances in equal interval of time is called as Uniform Motion. It has constant velocity over the given period of time.

Uniform Motion

From the graph we can say that the slope is constant.

\(\frac{Change\,\,in\,\,Displacement}{Change\,\,in\,\,time}\,\,=\,\,Cons\tan t\).

So, the motion is uniform, as it cover equal distance in equal interval of time.

Non – Uniform Motion: If the body covers unequal distances in equal interval of time is called as Non – Uniform Motion.

Velocity – time graph represents displacement of the body. We can see for same time interval the area under A and B are different. So, this is a non – uniform motion. So, with respect to non–uniform motion we usually define average velocity.

Non - Uniform Motion

The average velocity formula is \(Average\,\,Velcoity\left( {{V}_{avg}} \right)\,\,=\,\,\left( \frac{v+u}{2} \right)\).


v = Final Velocity,

u = Initial Velocity.