The locus of the mid-points of a system of parallel chords of a conic is known as its diameter.

Equation of diameter of a parabola:

Let y = mx + c be a system of parallel chords of the parabola y² = 4ax.diameterHere, m is a constant and c is a variable.

The line y = mx + c meets the parabola y² = 4ax in the points say P and Q whose ordinates (say y₁ and y₂) are the roots of the equation

∴ \({{y}^{2}}\,=\,4a\left( \frac{y-c}{m} \right)\)

⇒ my² – 4ay + 4ac = 0

∴ y₁ + y₂ = 4a/m

Let M (h, k) be the mid-points of PQ. Then,


⇒ k = 2a/m

Hence, the locus of (h, k) is y = 2a/m