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Electrode Potential and Standard Electrode Potentials

   ELECTRODE POTENTIAL AND STANDARD ELECTRODE POTENTIALS Electrons will flow from the electrode of higher negative charge density to the electrode with lower negative electric charge density. A property closely related to the density of negative electric charge is called the electrode potential. Potential difference between the metal and metal ion in which electrode is Read more about Electrode Potential and Standard Electrode Potentials[…]


Vapor pressure of liquid solutions

1. Vapour pressure of liquid-liquid solutions: Raoult’s Law:- The partial pressure of each component in a binary volatile liquid-liquid solution at a given temperature is equal to the mole fraction of that component in the solution multiplied by the vapour pressure of that component in the pure state at same temperature. PA = [nA/ (nA Read more about Vapor pressure of liquid solutions[…]

Missing Letter Puzzles 4 [With Answers]

Puzzle 1: Which letter replaces the question mark?Answer: F Explanation: Working in rows, from top to bottom, the sum of the numerical values of the letters in each row starts at 12, and increases by 2 as you go down each row. Puzzle 2: Which letter replaces the question mark?Answer: G Explanation: The numerical values of the letters in opposite segments Read more about Missing Letter Puzzles 4 [With Answers][…]