Clock Puzzles 4

Puzzle 1: How many times in a day, are the hands of a clock in straight line but opposite in direction?

A) 20            B) 22

C) 24            D) 48

Puzzle 2: A clock is started at noon. By 10 minutes past 5, the hour hand has turned through:

A) 145                  B) 150

C) 155                  D) 160

Puzzle 3: A watch which gains uniformly is 2 minutes low at noon on Monday and is 4 min. 48 sec fast at 2 p.m. on the following Monday. When was it correct?

A) 2 p.m. on Tuesday                   B) 2 p.m. on Wednesday

C) 3 p.m. on Thursday                 D) 1 p.m. on Friday

Puzzle 4: At 3.40, the hour hand and the minute hand of a clock form an angle of:

A) 120 degrees                     B) 125 degrees

C) 130 degrees                     D) 135 degrees

Puzzle 5: How many minutes is it until six o’clock if fifty minutes ago it was four times as many minutes past three o’clock?