Preparation of Amines

1. Reduction of nitro compounds Reactants: Nitro compounds Reagent: H2 in the presence of finely divided nickel, palladium or platinum Product: Amines Reactants: Nitro compounds Reagent: Metals in acidic medium. Reduction with iron scrap and hydrochloric acid is preferred because FeCl2 formed gets hydrolysed to release hydrochloric acid during the reaction. Thus, only a small Read more about Preparation of Amines[…]

Missing Letter Puzzles 6 [With Answers]

1. Which letter replaces the question mark?Answer: M Explanation: In each diagram, start with the upper left box, and move anti-clockwise around the others. Letters advance through the alphabet in steps of 7 for the upper left diagram, 8 for the middle, then 9, then 10. 2. Which letter replaces the question mark?Answer: B Explanation: Read more about Missing Letter Puzzles 6 [With Answers][…]


Puzzle 7 [With Answers]

Puzzle 1: Pick the odd one out: Crabcake, Laughing, Calmness, Canopy, Stupid, Hijack, First, Deft, Happy Answer: Happy Explanation: All the words except “happy” contain three consecutive letters of the alphabet. Crabcake, Laughing, Calmness, Canopy, Stupid, Hijack, First, Deft Puzzle 2: Fill in the missing pair: BF   CH   ?   HO   LT Answer: EK Puzzle 3: Read more about Puzzle 7 [With Answers][…]

First order and first degree differential equations and their geometrical interpretations

Ordinary D.F equations, their order and degree

Differential equation: An equation containing an independent variable, dependent variable and differential coefficient of dependent variable with respect to independent variable is called a differential equation.Order of a differential equation: The order of a differential Equation is the order of the highest order derivative appearing in the equation. For example, in the equation , the Read more about Ordinary D.F equations, their order and degree[…]

Structure of Nucleic Acids

Nucleic Acids

Definition: ⇒ The particles in nucleus of a cell, responsible for heredity, are called chromosomes which are made up of proteins and nucleic acids. ⇒ Nucleic acids are long chain polymers of nucleotides, so they are also called polynucleotides. ⇒ Examples: Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) & Ribonucleic acid (RNA). Chemical Composition of Nucleic Acids: ⇒ Each Read more about Nucleic Acids[…]