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Maths 1

Differential Equations

Differential Equations An equation involving one dependent variable, one or more independent variable and the differential coefficient (derivatives) of dependent variable with respect to independent variable is called differential equations. Examples: 1. , 2. . Types of differential equations 1. Ordinanry differential equation: A differential equations is said to be an ordinary differential equation. If Read more about Differential Equations[…]

Maths 1

Newton-Leibnitz Formula, Integral Function and its Properties

Newton-Leibnitz Formula, Integral Function and its Properties Let f(x) be a continuous function defined on [a, b], then a function ф(x) defined by for all x ϵ [a, b] Is called the integral function of the function f(x)x Property I: The integral function of an integrable function is always continuous. Property II: If ф(x) is differentiable Read more about Newton-Leibnitz Formula, Integral Function and its Properties[…]

Resistivity of Metals

Temperature dependence of Resistance

Temperature dependence of Resistance Resistance is fundamentally the ability of the material to restrict the passage of electric current. Thus, just as material properties such as density, size, magnetization etc. change with temperature, so doe’s resistance. Resistance is really a bulk property; the resistivity on the other hand is a material property. Resistivity of Metals: The resistivity Read more about Temperature dependence of Resistance[…]

Voltage Divider

Voltage and Current Dividers

Voltage and Current Dividers Voltage Divider: A voltage divider is a simple circuit which turns a large voltage into a smaller one. Using just two series resistors and an input voltage, we can create an output voltage that is a fraction of the input. Voltage dividers are one of the most fundamental circuits in electronics. It is interesting and useful to consider Read more about Voltage and Current Dividers[…]