What to focus in ELECTROMAGNETISM…?

Any guesses which topic in physics, forms a highly weighted section and major part for IIT-JEE..?? Its “ELECTROMAGNETISM”, which requires a lot of practice, understanding and skills to apply and solve the problems. To conquer this topic, the applications learnt in mechanics is going to help especially in the solving process.

The chapter wise analysis of the Electromagnetism can be made simpler by following the below analysis.

ELECTROSTATICS: This topic has very fundamental things like coulombs law, principle of superposition, concept of electric field, electrostatic potential and many other basic topics of electromagnetism.  These basic topics should be understood thoroughly and practiced well. Simple questions asked from these topics in IIT-JEE can be answered easily with these concepts. “Conductors in Electrostatics” is one of the important topics in Electrostatics. The focus should be on the properties of conductors under electrostatic condition, as most of the questions in electrostatics are based on this concept. Practice of numerous questions from this topic is highly advised. Electrostatic flux and gauss law holds an equivalent importance in this chapter. These concepts can easily be correlated with other topics and are useful to solve many problems which are unrelated. In JEE, there is a question always asked involving the calculation of flux of a charge through some or the other surface. Thorough understanding of the concept and practice in this chapter surely helps to score well.

CAPACITORS: It is another simple but important topic chapters for IIT-JEE.  ‘Capacitors’ is the part of the application of electrostatics. This chapter can be found easy for those who have completed electrostatics thoroughly. There are some new concepts which are interesting and easily understood in this chapter. Capacitors is an important topic for Olympiads as well.  The next important concept in this chapter is the idea of dielectrics, on which a number of questions can be asked which involves the calculation of energy stored in capacitor/ electric field by capacitor etc which includes all the concepts of dielectrics. There are many questions asked on a capacitor with a dielectric where the dielectric constant varies as a function of position.