Welcome to MyRank Blog!

Trending in the present generation, education through a modern way which can be accessed by anyone across the world, i.e. online, we have taken an initiative of My Rank. We have started this blog, where we would continue to post about all the competitive examinations starting from class 11, 12  till Undergraduate level (i.e. IIT-JEE (Mains & Advanced), Bitsat, Eamcet, Keam, IPE, CA, CPT, GRE, GATE etc.), preparation strategies; books review & recommendation; application process to all the examinations and undergraduate programs, various opportunities available for students by simple and innovative methods.

My Rank was founded with the only one cause in its mind and heart with the tool of education in our own unique modern way, so students can make use of it maximum and can easily go to the next level by shaping career through technology. We are a team of 150 IIT’ans striving for the support of students to achieve success. Down the lane, we see classroom teaching for the students, but is it enough in this competitive generation? No, Not at all. Till now we have been able to reach 30,357 students, and many more are in need of self-assessment platform.

The passion with which everyone is working for us, is the main reason behind our waking up motivated every single day, to dedicate completely to the cause we believe in, i.e. to prepare students face any challenge in any competitive examination. Hope you would make use of the most we provide.