Unit of Force

Unit of Force

Force is defined as the pull or push which produces or tends to produce, destroys or tends to destroy motion in a body, increases or decreases the speed of the body or changes its direction of motion. Therefore, Force is an external or internal agent present to influence the natural state of motion of an object.

What unit is used to measure Force?

Sir Isaac Newton has established the subsequent formula relating to the mass and acceleration of a body when it is subjected to force.

Force (F) = Mass (m) x Acceleration (a).

The magnitude of force can be made use of in diverse types of units founded on different systems of measurements.

Basic unit of force = (Mass [M] x Distance [L])/ (Time [T])² = MLT⁻²

We can express the unit of measurement of force in many ways:

  • SI unit of force
  • FPS unit of force
  • Metric unit of force
  • Newton unit of force

Unit of Force: The basic unit of force in physical dimensions is MLT⁻². In practical we refer to the weight of an object rather than it’s mass. The basic unit of force as:

Force (F) = (W/g)LT⁻².


W = Weight of the object,

g = Acceleration due to gravity,

Therefore, the unit of forces are categorized into two system called absolute and gravitational systems. The measurement of forces in absolute system is not dependent on gravitational force while the measurement of forces in gravitational system is dependent on gravitational forces. Hence, the measures of force in gravitational system vary on other planets compared to earth.