Tricky Puzzles – 1 ….

Hello MyRankers,

Here Are Some Logical Questions.Find Their Answers.

Puzzle- 1:

A man walks into a bar and asks the bartender for a glass of water.

But the bartender takes out a gun and aims it at the man’s head.

The man says “Thank You” and walks out.


Puzzle- 2:

You are in a dark room with a candle, a wood stove and a gas lamp. You only have one match, so what do you light first?

Puzzle- 3:

A bomb goes off.


One person, only a few feet away, survives! How can this be?

Puzzle- 4:

In the middle of an otherwise empty field there lies a man wearing a pack.

He is dead.

There are no other clues visible.

How did he die?

Puzzle- 5:

What occurs once in every minute,

twice in every moment,

but never in a thousand years?