Riddle Part – 4 [With Answers]

Puzzle-1: No matter what direction you’re heading, you’re always going down. What am I?

Answer: The road

Puzzle-2: 12 men go into a building to work. There’s 2 shifts, and all 12 men work on both. There’s 3 bosses; one runs throughout the building very fast, the second one runs patiently throughout the building and the third one takes an hour to run through the entire building. What object is the building?

Hint-1: The building works with the oldest business there is.

Hint-2: Work here can be very ticking.

Hint-3: The workers in here never stop working.

Answer: A clock.

Puzzle-3: There is a country in the world that has the same amount of letters as its capital. The capital and the country have the same letters as each other except each of them has one that only they have. However, the letters can be moved around in any order. What is the country and capital?

Answer: Algeria and Algiers

Puzzle-4: Where can you buy wheels but not cars?

Hint-1: Open not to adults

Hint-2: Shared with another gender

Answer: A date!

Puzzle-5: The stars shine above Fire warms me Water cools me Wind tickles me

Answer: Earth