Puzzles [With Answers]

Puzzle 1: What time should the last watch show?1Answer: 3:36

Explanation: On each watch, the time shown contains two digits that are the same.

Puzzle 2: Where should the missing hand point to?2Answer: To the 8

Explanation: Start with the top clock face and move clockwise around the others. The sum of the numbers pointed to by the 2 hands follows the sequence 5, 10, 15, 20.

Puzzle 3: Which letter replaces the question mark?3Answer: O

Explanation: In each segment of the diagram are a pair of letters, one of which is the same distance from the start of the alphabet as the other is from the end.

Puzzle 4: Which letter replaces the question mark?4Answer: K

Explanation: The numerical values of the letters in opposite segments of the circle always add up to 17.

Puzzle 5: Which letter replaces the question mark?5Answer: N

Explanation: The sum of the numerical value of the letters around each star is always 55.