Logic Puzzles [With Answers]……

Hello Everyone….!!!!
Here are the answers of yesterday logic puzzles.
1. Which letter places the question mark?1Answer: Q

Explanation: Adding the three numbers in each square together gives the numerical value of the letter at the centre of each square.

2. Which segment places the question mark?
2Answer: F

Explanation: In each diagram, the black circles join together to make straight sided polygons. Working from left to right, top row then bottom row, the number of sides in each polygon increases by 1 each time, from 3 to 8.

3. Which segment fills the gap to complete puzzle?3Answer: 5

Explanation: Splitting the diagram in half both horizontally and vertically, each quarter contains a pattern of black squares, representing the letters W, X, Y and Z.

4. Which number replaces the question mark?4Answer: 5

Explanation: In each row, add together the numerical values of the 3 central letters to give a 2 digit sum, and put this 2 digit sum in the left and right hand boxes at the end of the rows.

5. Which number replaces the question mark?
5Answer: C

Explanation: In each row, calculate the difference between the 2 numbers in the left hand column, and the 2 numbers in the right hand column. Multiply these differences together to give the numerical value of the letter in the centre.