Frog in a Milk Pail

Hello everyone,

As  we have been listening to the inspirational quotes like “Never Give Up”, “Where there is a will, there is a way” from our childhood, yet most of us don’t know how these quotes came from our day to day’s life experiences.

Here is one such story to inspire us and to keep us motivated.

A frog was hopping around a farmyard, when it decided to investigate the barn. Being somewhat careless, and maybe a little too curious, he ended up falling into a pail half-filled with fresh milk.

As he swam about attempting to reach the top of the pail, he found that the sides of the pail were too high and steep to reach. He tried to stretch his back legs to push off the bottom of the pail but found it too deep. frogBut this frog was determined not to give up, and he continued to struggle.

He kicked and squirmed, until at last, all his churning about in the milk had turned the milk into a big hunk of butter. The butter was now solid enough for him to climb onto and get out of the pail!

The little frog shows us to “Never Give Up!” on ourselves and on our dreams.  The same way, we all can achieve much more than we think, but it requires a persistent effort from within.