Conjugate of A Complex Numbers

Complex Numbers: The numbers of the form x +iy are known an complex numbers .here x and y real numbers and i = √-1 is iota.Comples NumbersA complex number may also defines as an ordered pair of real numbers and it is denoted by symbol (x, y).

Where x is called real part and y is called imaginary part.

Set of Complex Numbers C = {x + iy: x, y ϵ R, i = √-1}.Set of complex numbersConjugate of A Complex Numbers: Let x + iy is a complex numbers then conjugate of z is denoted by z’ and is equal to x – iy.Conjugate of A Complex NumbersThus geometrically the conjugate of z is the reflection of point image of z in the real axis

From the definition it is clear that conjugate of a complex number can be obtained by replacing i by -i

Ex: if z = 3 + 4i, then z’ = 3 – 4i


Complex Number

Complex Conjugate

2 + i

2 – i

– 3 + 7i

– 3 – 7i

6 – 4i

6 + 4i