Brain Teaser 8 [With Answers]

Puzzle 1: Replace one letter in each step to change the word COLD to its opposite. Each step has to be a legitimate word.






Answer: WARM







Puzzle 2: Fill in the sequence:

ND, JF, MA, ?, ?, SO

Answer: MJ and JA

Explanation: “ND” is for November & December, “JF” is for January & February, “MA” is for March & April and so on

Puzzle 3: Fill in the blanks in the following sentence with an anagram:

Almost a ________ started between two brothers to decide who will use their father’s _________.

Answer: battle and tablet.

Puzzle 4: Paris, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Libya, England, ?

Complete the sequence by choosing the correct one amongst the following: Mexico, Singapore and Netherland.

Answer: Singapore

Explanation: The first letters of each word makes the word PUZZLES.

Puzzle 5: Fill in the sequence:

prl, my,  jn,  jly,  gst  ?

Answer: sptmbr

Explanation: Name of the months after removing the vowels – APRIL, MAY, JUNE, JULY, AUGUST, SEPTEMBER.