Brain Teaser 12 [With Answers]

Teaser 1: I am married woman, john’s son is my daughter’s father. What is my relationship to john?

Answer: Daughter – in – law

Explanation: Her daughter’s father is her husband. This means john’s son is her husband, so john is her father – in – law, making her the daughter – in – law.

Teaser 2: How do you get 24 from 9, 6, 11 and 3, using addition, subtraction, multiplication or division?

Answer: (6 – 3) x 11 – 9 = 24.

Teaser 3: A milkman has 2 empty jugs: a 3 gallon jug and a 5 gallon jug. How can he measure exactly 1 gallon without wasting any milk?

Answer: The milkman filled the 3 gallon jug, and the emptied the contents into the 5 gallon jug. He then filled the 3 gallon jug again, and continued to fill the 5 gallon jug until it was full. The milk remaining in the 3 gallon jug was precisely 1 gallon.

Teaser 4: A woman and daughter walked into a restaurant. A man walked past and the women both said, “Hello, father.” How is this possible?

Answer: The man was a priest.

Teaser 5: Phil asks his friend Stan when his birthday is. Stan replies that he was 32 the day before yesterday and next year he’ll be 35. When is his birthday and how is this possible?

Answer: Today is Jan 1st and his birthday is on Dec 31st. He was 32, then turned 33 on Dec 31st, and this year on Dec 31st he’ll turn 34, so next year he’ll be 35.