Application of First Law of Thermodynamics on Different Process – I

Application of first law of Thermodynamics on different process we have the different process like.

  1.  Cyclic process
  2.  Isolated process
  3.  Isothermal process
  4.  Isobaric process
  5.  Isochoric process
  6.  Adiabatic process

Cyclic process:-

When a system is taken form an initial state to other state and finally brought back to the initial state, then it is called “Cyclic Process”.

We know that internal energy is a function of state of system

So there will be no change in the internal energy

=> ΔV = 0

We know that

ΔV = Q – W

=>Q – W = 0

Q = W

So we can conclude that for a cyclic process total heat energy given will be converted to work.Cyclic ProcessIsolated system:-

A system which can neither do work nor can take or give heat from or to the outside is called an isolate system for such process Q = W = 0.

ΔV = Q – W

=>ΔV = 0; change in internal energy = 0Isolated systemIsochoric process:

The process which takes place at constant volume is called isochoric process.

For an isochoric process ΔV = 0

We know that

W = pΔV = P (0) = 0

W = 0

ΔV = Q – W

ΔV = Q

So for isochoric process heat energy is completely converted to change in internal energy.Isochoric process