Resistivity, Conductivity and Conductance

Resistivity, Conductivity and Conductance 1) Resistivity: Resistivity is a measure of the resistance of a given size of a specific material to electrical conduction. From, , if ,  then  i.e. resistivity is numerically equal to the resistance of a substance having unit area of cross section and unit length. i) Unit and dimension: Its SI Read more about Resistivity, Conductivity and Conductance[…]

Maths 1

Relation f⁻¹(x) with f⁻¹(1/x) – 1

Relation f⁻¹(x) with f⁻¹(1/x) – 1 Theorem: sin⁻¹(1/x) = cosec⁻¹(x), for all , Proof: sin⁻¹(1/x) = cosec⁻¹(x) Let cosec⁻¹(x) = θ , And , x = cosecθ 1/x = 1/ cosecθ 1/x = sinθ θ = sin⁻¹(1/x) cosec⁻¹(x) = θ cosec⁻¹(x) = sin⁻¹(1/x) sin⁻¹(1/x) = cosec⁻¹(x), for all , Hence proved Examples: 1.sin⁻¹(1/2) = cosec⁻¹(2) Read more about Relation f⁻¹(x) with f⁻¹(1/x) – 1[…]