IIIT Hyderabad – UGEE 2018 Notification Released

IIIT Hyderabad – UGEE 2018 Notification Released What is IIIT-H? International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad (IIIT Hyderabad) is a university that provides the quintessential college life. The institute’s curriculum is a perfect blend of core courses and non-technical courses, designed to provide complete college learning and a platform to build our lives on, in Read more about IIIT Hyderabad – UGEE 2018 Notification Released[…]

Maths 1

Fundamental Rules for Differentiation

Fundamental Rules for Differentiation Rule (I): Differentiation of a constant function is zero i.e., . Rule (II): Let f(x) be a differentiable function and let c be a constant. Then c.f(x) is also differentiable such that . This is the derivative of a constant times a function is the constant times the derivative of the Read more about Fundamental Rules for Differentiation[…]

Wheatstone bridge

Wheatstone bridge

Wheatstone bridge For measuring accurately any electrical resistance Wheatstone bridge is widely used. There are two known resistors, one variable resistor and one unknown resistor connected in bridge form as shown below. By adjusting the variable resistor the current through the Galvanometer is made zero. When the current through the galvanometer becomes zero, the ratio Read more about Wheatstone bridge[…]