Missing Letter Puzzles – 1 [With Answers]

Puzzle-1: Which letter replaces the question mark?Answer: Z Explanation: Start on the top left of the diagram, and move from left to right, top row to bottom row. Letters advance through the alphabet in steps of 6, 7 then 8, before repeating this pattern. Puzzle-2: Which letter replaces the question mark?Answer: Q Explanation: Starting on the top left, and moving around Read more about Missing Letter Puzzles – 1 [With Answers][…]

Fundamental Concepts of Inorganic Reaction Mechanisms I

Types of Bond cleavage Homolytic cleavage: Homolytic fission is where each atom of the bond keeps an electron each resulting in species called free radicals. R−X→R∙+X∙ Homolytic cleavage occurs generally in the gas phase or in solution in non-polar Solvents and is catalyzed by ultraviolet light or high temperature of or by radical initiators such as Read more about Fundamental Concepts of Inorganic Reaction Mechanisms I[…]