Brain Teasers

Brain Teaser 1 [WIth Answers]

1. Where do fish go on vacation? Answer: Fin land. 2. Where do songbirds go on vacation? Answer: The Canary Islands. 3. Where do zombies go on vacation? Answer: The Dead Sea. 4. Where do Thanksgiving birds go on vacation? Answer: Turkey. 5. Where do geometry teachers go on vacation? Answer: Cuba. 6. Where do locksmiths go on vacation? Answer: The Read more about Brain Teaser 1 [WIth Answers][…]

Classification of Organic Compounds

Classification of organic compounds

Acyclic or open chained compounds: Also called aliphatic compounds. Consist of straight or branched compounds. Alicyclic or closed chained compounds: Also called aliphatic cyclic. Carbon atoms are bonded in the form of a ring. Homocyclic – consisting only of carbon atoms joined in the ring. Heterocyclic – consist of atoms other than carbon joined in Read more about Classification of organic compounds[…]