Explanation Of S – Block (Group II A Elements)

Group IIA Elements: Beryllium (Atomic number – 4) Magnesium (Atomic number – 12) Calcium (Atomic number – 20) Strontium (Atomic number – 38) Barium (Atomic number – 56) Radium (Atomic number – 88)  Have 2 electrons in the outermost orbit.  By loosing two electrons they form stable + 2 ions.  They are divalent and show Read more about Explanation Of S – Block (Group II A Elements)[…]


Wondering how leaves are arranged on the stem! Then Check it out…………… Phyllotaxis or phyllotaxy is the arrangement of leaves on a plant stem. Which originates from a Greek word   phýllon “leaf” and  taxis “arrangement”. The basic arrangements of leaves on a stem are opposite, or alternate = spiral. Leaves may also be whorled if Read more about PHYLLOTAXY[…]