What to focus in ELECTROMAGNETISM…?

Any guesses which topic in physics, forms a highly weighted section and major part for IIT-JEE..?? Its “ELECTROMAGNETISM”, which requires a lot of practice, understanding and skills to apply and solve the problems. To conquer this topic, the applications learnt in mechanics is going to help especially in the solving process. The chapter wise analysis Read more about What to focus in ELECTROMAGNETISM…?[…]

Shortcuts in Complex Numbers


Here goes the revision tips for a quick recollection of the important content in the chapter COMPLEX NUMBERS. Equation of perpendicular bisector: The equation of the perpendicular bisector of the line segment joining points z₁ and z₂ isz (z₁̅ – z₂̅) + z̅ (z₁ – z₂) = |z₁|² – |z₂|². Important results: If z₁, z₂, z₃ are Read more about Short cuts in COMPLEX NUMBERS[…]

Reaction of Glucose with Hydrogen Cyanide

A fast overview of open chain reactions of Glucose

Guys…!! Looking out for something important to learn within no time..?? Here is a fast over-view of open chain reactions of Glucose which can be grasped quickly…!! 1. Reaction of glucose with phenyl hydrazine:In the above reaction is with the given reagent first two carbons get – NHPh 2. Reaction of Glucose with Bromine Water: Read more about A fast overview of open chain reactions of Glucose[…]