Modulation Modulation is the branch of science in electronics and communication systems including varying the fundamental properties of the basic signal by superimposing it with a carrier signal to carry the signal from one location to the other. Modulation is the process of changing the characteristics of the carrier signal, in accordance with the amplitude Read more about Modulation[…]



Electrostatics Electrostatics plays a major role in everyday life. Electrostatics is a branch of physics in which static electric field produced by static electric charges are studied. The various applications of electrostatics include photocopiers, defibrillator, paint spraying, electrostatic precipitator etc. Electrostatics is used in the agricultural activities like spraying to plants, sorting seeds etc. Electronic Read more about Electrostatics[…]


Contact Force

Contact Force Force is defined as that pull or push which produces or tends to produce, destroys or tends to destroy motion in a body, increases or decreases the speed of the body or changes its direction of motion. Therefore, “Force” is an external or internal agent present to “influence” the natural state of motion of Read more about Contact Force[…]



Tension The most important application of Newton’s motion Laws is the explanation of tension. Ropes and strings are very useful in machines and mechanical systems. These are used to push or pull heavy loads. We can see the tension in using of ropes or cables. If we consider a load which is pulled by a rope, a person is Read more about Tension[…]