Types of Polymerization Reactions

1. Addition polymerization (or) chain growth polymerization: ⇒ The molecules of the same monomer or different monomers add together on a large scale to form a polymer. ⇒ The monomers used are unsaturated compounds. Eg: Alkenes, alkadienes and their derivatives. ⇒ Can take place through the formation of either free radicals or ionic species. Free Read more about Types of Polymerization Reactions[…]


TANUVAS Admission

SUBMISSION OF ONLINE APPLICATIONS Candidates should fill and submit applications online at, on or before 31.05.2017, 6:00 PM. Further, Candidates should also download the filled in application and submit the hard copy along with required attested documents/ certificates including certificates pertaining to special category, if applicable. Candidates who apply for more than one Read more about TANUVAS Admission[…]


TNAU Admissions

Important Dates: Opening of online application 12.05.2017 Last date for online application 04.06.2017 Publication of Rank List 10.06.2017 Counseling for Sports, Ex-servicemen and Decedents of freedom fighter and Differently abled quota 16.06.2017 I Phase Counseling 19.06.2017 to 24.06.2017 Counseling for vocational stream 28.06.2017 Counseling for NRI and Industry sponsorship quota 30.06.2017 Registration for I semester Read more about TNAU Admissions[…]


Methods of Integration

We have the following methods of integration:  (i) Integration by substitution or change of independent of independent variable.  (ii) Integration by parts.  (iii) Integration of rotational algebraic function by using partial fractions. Integration by substitution: If φ (x) is a continuous differentiable function, then to evaluate integrals of the form ∫f (φ(x)) φ’ (x) dx, Read more about Methods of Integration[…]