CISCE to have its own syllabus, from pre-school to class XII from 2017

Students studying in pre-school till class VIII in schools affiliated to the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE) will have to study a curriculum prescribed by the Board right from academic session 2017-18 Till now, the Board prescribed syllabus only for classes IX to XII. Most schools followed NCERT syllabus for junior classes till VIII. Read more about CISCE to have its own syllabus, from pre-school to class XII from 2017[…]


Riddle Part – 4 [With Answers]

Puzzle-1: No matter what direction you’re heading, you’re always going down. What am I? Answer: The road Puzzle-2: 12 men go into a building to work. There’s 2 shifts, and all 12 men work on both. There’s 3 bosses; one runs throughout the building very fast, the second one runs patiently throughout the building and the third Read more about Riddle Part – 4 [With Answers][…]

Structure of Acetylene

Alkynes – Nomenclature and isomerism, Structure of acetylene

Alkynes: These are unsaturated hydrocarbons containing at least one triple bond between two carbons. General formula is Cn H2n-2,               (n = 2, 3, 4, 5, …). Acetylene is first member Nomenclature and isomerism: The IUPAC name is derived from the IUPAC name of alkanes by replacing ending ‘ane’ by ‘yne’ along with the position of Read more about Alkynes – Nomenclature and isomerism, Structure of acetylene[…]

Logic Puzzles

Logic Puzzle 1 [With Answers]

Puzzle 1: Which number replaces the question mark?Answer: 12 Explanation: The value at each corner of the diagram equals the difference between the sums of the numerical values of the letters in the boxes adjacent to the corner. Puzzle 2: Which symbol replaces the question mark?Answer: Alarm Clock Explanation: The Alarm clock = 7, the Adaptor = 5 and the Bulb Read more about Logic Puzzle 1 [With Answers][…]