Gas Phase

Water (H2O)

Physical properties: The hydrogen bonding between the water molecules leads to its high freezing point, high boiling point, high heat of vaporization and fusion. Covalent compounds dissolve in water due to hydrogen bonding with polar molecules. Structure of water: 1. In gas phase: Bent molecule with bond angle 104.5˚. O-H bond length: 95.7pm. Highly polar Read more about Water (H2O)[…]


Applications of Bernoulli’s Theorem

(i) Attraction between two closely parallel moving boats (or buses): When two boats or buses move side by side in the same direction, the water (or air) in the region between them moves faster than that on the remote sides. Consequently in accordance with Bernoulli’s principle the pressure between them is reduced and hence due Read more about Applications of Bernoulli’s Theorem[…]