Dipole: Electric Dipole and Dipole Moment: Two equal and opposite charges separated by a distance together constitute a dipole.Dipole moment defined as the simple product of magnitude of either charge and the distance of separation between the two charges. . Dipole moment always points from -q to +q. Its SI unit is coulomb metre (Cm). ELECTRIC FIELD DUE TO Read more about ELECTRIC DIPOLE, its MOMENT, INTENSITY[…]

Escape Velocity and Orbital Velocity of Satellite

Hello guys..!! Hope you all must be waiting eagerly for our next article. Here goes an explanation and derivation of escape velocity and its applications. Escape Velocity: It is the minimum velocity with which a body must be protected from the surface of the earth so that it escapes from the gravitational field of the Read more about Escape Velocity and Orbital Velocity of Satellite[…]

Maths 1

Finding the number of non-negative solutions

Dear students, Sometimes you might be wondering how to score well, just by solving questions easily by knowing the simple fundamentals. Here goes such few examples to solve complicated problems in a very simple way, just by knowing the trick behind it. 1) The number of non-negative integral solutions of x + 2y + 3z Read more about Finding the number of non-negative solutions[…]